Forceea data factory

Forceea is a powerful, flexible and sophisticated data factory for Salesforce. You may ask: why have you developed Forceea?

In January 2017 I realized how important is the data generation for Apex test methods; and how poor were all existing data factories I had seen.

The reason for this low quality is the complex nature of data generation and the pressing need for a solution that is not only flexible and powerful, but easy and intuitive as well. Difficult combination, don’t you think?

So I asked myself “How can both targets get accomplished?”. And the asnwer was: a new domain-specific data generation language. Say welcome to Dadela!

Dadela is the power engine of Forceea. A simple language that can be used by both developers and non-developers, easy to learn and understand, and very intuitive to work with.

Both Dadela and Forceea are part of the Forceea Project, an open-source GitHub group of repositories.

For the moment I am the only developer on Forceea. Passionate Apex developers are always welcome to contribute!

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