Forceea data factory

Forceea (forsi:a) is the data factory for Salesforce, creating data using the Dadela data generation language to describe the “nature” of data.


  • Creates records for standard or custom SObjects, for any standard or custom field.
  • Can insert/update records synchronously (for test methods) or insert/delete records asynchronously (for populating our org with millions of records).
  • Has an easy way to define data.
  • Can automatically define the required fields.
  • Can create data for fields of the data types: Integer, Currency, Double, Date, Datetime, Time, Boolean, String, TextArea, Percent, Reference, Email, Phone, URL, Base64, Picklist and MultiPicklist.
  • Handles Record Types and field dependencies (dependent picklists).
  • Supports record groups for inserting and deleting records.
  • Uses DML Optimizer to reduce the number of insert statements with Templates.
  • Supports variables and functions.
  • Validates the definitions based on the field data type.
  • Has an extended error messaging system.
  • Is an open source project, published in GitHub

You can find many details in the User Guide

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